Unique. Professional. Affordable. Graphic Design can be a large expense if you were to go through a design firm, and that’s not always feasible for small businesses. High-quality graphic design should not be reserved for those with a substantial design budget. You too want (and deserve) a graphic presence that truly represents your business and your product, a design that shows potential customers that yours is a professional business with an outstanding product. 


You’ll find that working with an independent designer is much more flexible than working with a firm…my turn-around is quicker, you’ll always hear back from me within 24 hours and my pricing structure is better suited to your small business. I only work a few projects at a time, allowing me to be totally focused on each individual project. So, once we get started, that focused, personalized attention provides a more productive and expedient process.


I will pick your brain a bit about you and your business so that the end product is a completely unique design that is a reflection of you and the image you want your business to present. If you’re looking for a fresh, contemporary design that captures the essence of you and your business, and would like to work with a designer that will take the time to get to know you and your goals for your company, SJ Design is here for you.


I’m passionate about creating and designing, and I love helping others do what they love to do.


It’s a thrill to work with other small business owners and be a part of their growth and success! And I love the client relationships I’ve developed over the years.


Let's get started!



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